Our virtual Cloud servers allow you to:
  • Choose from multiple processing and memory configurations
  • Install the top web scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc....
  • Increase CPU, RAM or HDD resources when needed
  • Quickly deploy server resources for new projects
  • Use 100 Mbps port
  • Securely access your business systems on the go
  • Pay-per-use
  • Instantly create new servers and applications
  • Reboot server
  • Set parameters (hostname, password change, DNS change)
  • SLA 99,5%


After the payment has been made (which can be done online via credit card), the selected server configuration will be available to you after the payment has been registered, and at the latest on the next business day.

We do not support gaming servers on the cloud platform.


The prices of additional resources:
  • CPU - 1060 RSD
  • RAM (MB) - 0.7 RSD
  • SSD (1 GB) - 60 RSD
  • HDD (1 GB) - 35 RSD
  • Data Transffer (1 GB) - 0.6 RSD