Cloud Exchange Email
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Service characteristics
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By renting Cloud Exchange Email you get:
  • 10 GB per mailbox with the possibility of expanding
  • Facilitated collaboration and communication on everyday tasks
  • Dostupog email naloga, ličnih i grupnih kalendara, zajedničkih foldera i planova
  • Shared calendars, contacts and documents
  • Reduction of maintenance costs, without worrying about maintaining server infrastructure
  • 99.9% guaranteed availability
  • Control panel for monitoring and setting your mailbox
  • Advanced Anti Virus and Anti Spam protection


Prices of additional resources:
  • Outlook 2016 license - 180 rsd/monthly (per each device)
  • Public folder - possibility of renting additional space
  • Additional storage (for mailboxes or PublicFolder) - 300 rsd/monthly for 5 GB storage